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  • コミュニティページの URLとは何を指しますか?
  • コミュニティページの URL上では何が表示されますか?
  • コミュニティページの URL上にある「プロフィール」は必ず記入が必要ですか?
  • コミュニティページの URL上にある「プロフィール」はどのように編集、公開できますか?
    コミュニティページの URL上にある「プロフィール」の下部にあるテキスト欄から編集可能です。編集した内容は右下「公開ボタン」を押した場合のみ外部に公開されます。
  • マイアカウント上で登録したメールアドレス、住所、電話番号は他の会員にも表示されますか?
  • マイアカウント上で登録した氏名はどこで表示されますか?
  • マイアカウント上で登録した氏名は変更可能ですか?
  • マイアカウント上の氏名は必ず登録(記入)が必要ですか?
  • マイアカウント上部のプロフィール名とマイアカウントで登録する氏名の違いはありますか?
  • What is the URL in my community page for?
    The URL is for your very own profile. Other members of T's Fam will be able to view your profile.
  • What will be visible on my community page URL?
    The content in which you add in the 'about' section of your profile will be visible in your community page URL.
  • Am I required to fill in the 'about' section of my profile on my community page URL?
    No you are not. This is merely a platform for you to share a blurb about yourself, should you wish for other members to view.
  • How can I edit/publish my profile in my community page URL?
    If you click the 'profile' tab, you will be able to fill in your 'about' section. Your edited content will not be published until you click the 'publish' button, so make sure to click that so the T's Fam community can see your lovely profile!
  • Can other members of T's Fam see my personal information such as my email, address, and phone number?"
    No. Any and all personal information will only be visible to you.
  • Will my name be visible at any point?
    Your name will only be visible when your community page browser is shown as a tab. If you do not wish for your name to not be shown, we advise you not to list your name in 'my account'.
  • Will I be able to change my name in 'my account'?
    Yes you can change your name at any point you wish in 'my account.'
  • Am I required to fill in my name in 'my account'?
    No you are not required to list your name in 'my account'.
  • What is the difference between my 'username' (located at the very top of the 'my account' page) and the name I list in 'my account'?
    Your 'username' is what will be used when you comment on blog posts, etc. and the name you list in 'my account' will be visible in your profile. If you would like your real name to be refrained from being shown, we advise you leave this slot blank.
  • ブログ更新通知以外にも、T’s Fam 会員の方がたのコメントがある度に通知が来るのですがどうしたら通知をオフにできますか?
    T’s Famページより「My Account」のページに入っていただき、「setting」のを押していただくと設定ページに入れます。そこから通知機能を必要なもの以外オフにしていただくことが可能です。
  • I am getting notifications everytime a member comments on a blog post. How can I make it so that I only get notifications when Takayuki posts a blog?
    From the T's Fam page, go to 'my account' and then 'settings'. Once you are in 'settings' you can select which notifications you'd like to turn on or off.
  • PHOTOページに表示されるパスワードは何を指しますか?
  • PHOTOページは T’s Fam 会員以外でも閲覧可能ですか?
    PHOTOページは T’s Fam 会員様のみ閲覧可能なページです。また、その他の T’s Fam内全ページについても会員様しか閲覧できません。
  • What is the password that is displayed on PHOTO page for?
    The password is to view Takayuki's photos. The password displayed is on top of the PHOTO page. To access the photos, use this password on the next page when you click on his album.
  • Can everyone access T’s photos?
    No. Only T’s Fam members can access the PHOTO page along with other T's Fam features on the T's Fam page.
  • ブログ購読プランはどのページが閲覧できますか?
  • ブログ購読プランは毎月更新手続きが必要ですか?
  • ブログ購読プランは解約可能ですか?また、その際の解約方法はどうすればよいですか?
    はい、可能です。解約される場合は、FAQページのお問い合わせBOXから、お問い合わせ内容の「ブログ購読プランの解約」をご選択の上、解約される旨をT’s Fam運営事務局までご連絡ください。
  • ブログ購読プランを月の途中で解約した場合、いつからブログが閲覧できなくなりますか?
  • What is included in the blog subscription?
    With a blog subscription, you will only be able to view the blog. Other features are exclusive to T's Fam members.
  • Will I need to update my blog subscription every month?
    Your blog subscription will be renewed automatically each month. If you wish to cancel your subscription you will have to do so through the website.
  • Can I cancel my blog subscription? If so, how can I do so?"
    Yes you are able to cancel your subscription. If you wish to do so, please contact us through the 'contact' box on the FAQ page and select 'blog subscription cancellation' to notify the team at T's Fam.
  • If I cancel my blog subscription in the middle of the month, will I loose access immediately?"
    No. You will have access to view the blog until the end of the month.
  • SNSへの投稿は可能ですか?
  • 個人利用の範囲とは何を指しますか?
  • どのようなことが禁止事項に当たりますか?
  • 会員証もデジタルコンテンツに含まれますか?
  • Can I upload purchased contents on to social media?
    You may upload content for personal use, however, we strictly prohibit uploading the original copy of any purchased content.
  • What does 'personal use' entail?
    You may upload screenshots, etc. on your personal account so long as you are not making any financial profit.
  • What actions are strictly prohibited?
    The act of duplicating, reprinting, or modifying any content as well as any secondary use are strictly prohibited. The same applies for any copyright and trademark infringement.
  • Is the membership card included as 'digital content'?
    Yes. The membership card is seen as digital content and therefore all restrictions listed above will apply.
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